Hydraulic Services

Hydraulic Services

Get the hydraulic support you need. Using skilled experts, high quality products, and the most efficient design.

Stenmar delivers unparalleled hydraulic performance and reliability. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver innovative, responsive solutions in any circumstance, helping you keep your equipment operating at peak versatility and efficiency.

With a focus on customer service, safety and integrity we deliver the best possible results and aim to provide the highest return on investment for your company.  We’re dedicated to doing whatever it takes to get the job right.

Fluid Power Products

Stenmar Group supplies all leading brands of hydraulic and pneumatic components and equipment.
We suit the product to the application.
Our Hydraulic Support Services can help you select the best components for your application. Our expertise in matching quality products to operating requirements is second-to-none, ensuring that you’re always working with the most appropriate systems for your needs. We want your hydraulic equipment to easily and reliably produce the results you need. No downtime. No hassles. And at the right price.
We have the technical understanding and industry knowledge to make sure you get the best results.

  • Quality brands: Our extensive stock-holding and reliable supplier channels ensure the best possible availability of all items.
  • Obsolete products: We have a vast technical library and years of experience. If it still exists, we probably know where to get it or how to replace it.
    We also have H.E.L.P. – our Hydraulic Exchange Logistics Program. It’s a unique stockpile of rare spares.
    If all else fails, we can often manufacture replacement parts to original specifications.
  • Replacement products: Prompt supply of exact items or assistance in finding an alternative to upgrade performance.


Choose the team with the expertise necessary to ensure that your hydraulics and pneumatics are operating at peak efficiency.
Choose Stenmar for your business.

Specialist Fluid Power Services

Our Hydraulic Support Services have offer full workshop facilities for the repair, remanufacture, testing and certification of all hydraulic equipment.
Our OEM-approved centre-of-excellence includes:

    • Large capacity cylinder assembly/strip bench and nut cracker.
    • Steam turbo-wash machinery
    • Shot blast equipment
    • Rotational & positional jigs
    • Large scale in-house machining & fabrication capacity
    • Extensive stock of spares
    • Controlled environment clean room for contamination-free assembly
    • Paint bay
    • Fully resourced technical library
    • 400 kW variable speed drive hydraulic test rig
    • Oil transfer, diagnostic and flushing equipment

Our technicians bring years of knowledge and experience to every job ensuring fast, top-quality results. Our in-depth understanding of fluid power systems means your job is in the most skilled hands.
We provide a range of services including repairs and refurbishments, as well as replacement and reverse engineering, ideal for rare or legacy components.
Rapid assessment, reporting and testing capabilities give you the clearest picture of your operating capabilities in the shortest possible time, equipping you with the knowledge to make informed decisions about your business.
Businesses looking to protect themselves against costly downtime should enquire about our Service Exchange Program and our Hydraulic Exchange Logistics Program, helping to reduce lead time for new hydraulic components and keep you operational.

Workshop Services

Choose the team with the expertise necessary to ensure that your hydraulics and pneumatics are operating at peak efficiency.
Choose Stenmar for your business.

Reliable Hydraulic Support Onsite

Hydraulic Support Services have fully equipped mobile service vehicles with experienced technicians available for all onsite requirements.
We understand production demands and can help you quickly resolve breakdown situations before they severely impact your profitability.
We can also assist with installation and commissioning of new equipment, as well as filter replacement, reservoir tank drainage and other routine maintenance during scheduled shutdowns.
Our extensive supply chain and years of expertise make us the team of choice for equipment upgrades, replacements and modifications, working precisely to your needs. Component assessments and inspections can be conducted to keep you up to speed on the condition and efficiency of your systems, ensuring that you’re fully prepared for any potential failures or problems in the future.
We can assist with relocating machinery and equipment, providing comprehensive solutions for every step from planning and mapping to disassembly, transportation and re-commissioning at the new location.
Personal and site safety is built into everything we do. We comply with a range of industry and site specific requirements for safe workplace operations and all our tradespeople are fully qualified and experienced.

Stenmar Group’s Remote Site Workshop is a full size 12.2 metre shipping container set up with power, lighting & compressed air.
It has custom hydraulic workbenches, shelving and hosemaking facilities built-in.
Easily relocatable, it brings quality hydraulic support services to remote locations.

Onsite Services

Hydraulic Engineering

Stenmar Group has the know-how necessary to make any project a success.

We make hydraulics operate smoothly, quietly & efficiently, increasing your production capabilities and minimising overheads.

We provide a comprehensive range of system design, build and installation services helping meet your needs and ensure the success of your business now and into the future.

Our team is qualified and experienced in circuit design, as well as the design and manufacture of power units to suit systems of all sizes and applications.

Our project management capabilities also ensure that any new construction or upgrades are kept on time and under budget, helping you begin to profit from your new or newly modified hydraulic or pneumatic system sooner.

We can help unlock the capabilities of your existing hydraulic system and the potential for improvement.  Our consultation services can assess issues like energy efficiency, life cycle cost reduction, production reliability and safety compliance.

Let us help you get it right. We design to suit your application or make recommendations to fix any issues you have. Maximise your profitability and minimise your chance of expensive system or component failures with advice and service from Stenmar Group.

Engineering Services

Choose the team with the expertise necessary to ensure that your hydraulics and pneumatics are operating at peak efficiency.
Choose Stenmar for your business.

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